Free K-Cup Machine Promotion


Coffee & Tea Choices

Automate Your Beverage Service

Add variety to the drink menu at your office. With your new K-Cup® machine, everyone can have their favorite flavor. We carry coffee to cappuccino and other fun, flavored drinks from top brands like Cake Boss, Guy Fieri, Lavazza, Starbucks and more.

At home, please everyone with their own fun flavors. No more making two pots of different coffee just to throw two half pots away.

Reward your employees with premium beverage choices in the office. Every month we’ll deliver your beverages and check on your equipment. Never leave the office for your favorite drink again. In fact, never leave for sugar  - we have covered that too.

Let Marquis handle your beverage service and have one less thing to think about. You're busy enough, no need to worry about your daily coffee too.

Marquis will deliver a single cup brewer in your business or residence, in the Decatur area, on an agreed upon date and will maintain service on the machine throughout the duration of this agreement. There will be no charge to you to use the machine or for typical maintenance however the machine will remain the property of Marquis Beverage. You will be responsible for damage from misuse or negligence.

Marquis Beverage will deliver your k-cups along with any additional items you may require as needed. These items may include, but not be limited to; locally roasted whole bean coffee, ground coffee, tea, creamer, sugar, stirrers, cups, syrups, sweeteners, etc. You may place your order at anytime during regular business hours by calling Marquis at 217-429-5282 or emailing to Minimum purchase requirement is $100 every 3 months. Minimum order for free delivery is $60. Any size order can be picked up at Marquis during regular business hours. Agreement can be terminated at any time. Upon termination the brewer can be returned to Marquis or purchased for $150.


By ordering the above product you agree to the terms outlined above and acknowledge that you will be entering into an agreement with Marquis Beverage. If you are located out of the delivery zone, you will need to pick up your products at Marquis Beverage in Decatur, Illinois or we can ship them at an additional cost. We will go over the details of the promotion with you upon receipt of your initial order. This promotion is not affiliated with Keurig®, K-Cup® or any other Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. brands.