Our Roasting Process

At Marquis, we have been roasting coffee daily for over 40 years at our facility in Decatur, Illinois.

Our process starts with sourcing fresh, still green, beans from around the world. We have traveled the world from South America to Africa to find the perfect beans for our blends.

Our skillfully trained roasters bring on chemical changes through heat and then cool them down at the precise moment to capture the perfect aroma and flavor Marquis coffees are known for.

We roast a variety of beans that not only differ in the origination of the beans, but also in the roast itself. We offer light roast, medium roast, medium dark roast, and dark roasted coffees. Our signature blends vary in color, taste, smell, and levels of caffeine.

All of our coffees are gluten free and packaged in house quickly to maintain freshness We are very proud of our process and guarantee our coffee for freshness.

If you are ever in Decatur, we'd love to show you how we make our legendary coffee. Wonderful coffee smells will be included!